Best Portable Inverter Generators 2022 Top Picks & Review

Being prepared for a disaster or going camping can be reasons for purchasing an inverter generator. You can charge your devices while keeping your home running smoothly or buy a large inverter generator to run your power tools. When you go looking for a new generator, you should select one that does dual duty in charging as well as running large amounts of power for your equipment.

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What are the Right Inverter Generators?

The best generator is the one that will work best for your current needs, but also your future needs. You will need to do your homework so you understand the benefits of each type of generator and how it can help you and your family survive a disaster or plan a camping trip. Your multitude of reasons for buying a generator starts with the proper research into how to look at generators.

Top 5 Best Rated Inverter Generators Reviews

1. WEN 56200i Inverter Generator – Best Value

Best Inverter Generator

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The WEN 56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Generator is the perfect companion to take with you to a campsite or a tailgate party. It also works well for managing power outages or to use on your construction site. The Wen 5600i generator is a very quiet generator that will not disturb your neighbors and meets the standards set by the US Department of Health and Human Services. The compliance meets the EPA III and CARB compliance as it comes with a 79.7 cc four-stroke OHV engine. The generator operates at only fifty-one decibels of sound, which limits how much the sound interferes with your neighbors.

The generator is a clean operating generator that is safe enough for use everywhere. The engine produces up to two thousand surge watts with a regulating operating wattage of sixteen thousand watts, which is more than enough for multiple projects. The generator is also safe enough to charge your electronics, including your Smartphone, televisions, tablets, and your computer because of the pure sine wave technology. Pure sine wave technology allows you to use all sorts of tools with your new inverter as it comes with a three-prong 120V receptacle and a 12 volt DC receptacle for use with your RV. Five USB ports are also available ports to charge up your USB devices, such as your phone.


  • The generator comes with an eco-mode to minimize the waste of electricity.
  • The technology helps keep the noise of the generator at fifty-one decibels.
  • You can charge multiple types of devices using the inverter generator.


  • The oil can start to leak.
  • The inverter can have trouble starting

2. Champion 3400W Portable Inverter-Generator

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The Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready is a dual fuel generator you can use with gasoline or propane. The dual-fuel allows you to use it with either fuel you have available during a storm, power outage, or camping trip.
An electric start comes built into the generator so you can get your generator going with only the push of a button. It has three positions for ignition so you can control the type of power you need for the generator. The main panel comes with multiple settings and hookups for all your different tools and gear.
The generator is a low-noise generator producing only fifty-nine decibels of sound up to twenty-three feet. It comes with thirty-four hundred starting watts with thirty-one hundred running watts so you can have up to seven and a half hours of running time using gasoline as your main fuel.
Producing a clean source of power, the generator is extra sensitive to your most delicate equipment, such as your Smartphone. You can use all types of electronics with the generator so you can use it with your RV as it has 120 volts at 30 amps. Two 120 volt outlets at 20 amps in addition to a 12 volt DC outlet with USB ports have you are ready for almost anything.
The generator weighs only ninety-nine pounds and comes with a wheel kit so you can move it where you need it. It is perfect for your hunting cabin or an emergency. The generator comes with multiple safety features, including a low oil shutoff sensor to keep your home safe.


  • The generator only weighs ninety-nine pounds.
  • Multiple safety features, including a low oil shutoff feature, comes built into the generator.
  • The generator is a dual fuel generator that operates with gasoline or propane.


  • The generator can leak gasoline.
  • There can be problems starting the generator.

3. Briggs & Stratton P2200 Generator

Best quiet portable generator

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The Briggs & Stratton P2200 PowerSmart Series Inverter Generator is a quiet generator to operate with only fifty-nine decibels of sound during operation. A control panel on the side of the generator helps you set the limits of the generator to get the most powerful control. There is also a version with fifty-five hundred watts if you need more power.
The engine runs efficiently with a 111 cc OHV engine that produces up to twenty-two hundred starting watts with up to seventeen hundred running watts. There are enough ports and outlets to run many different kinds of power tools, as well as multiple USB ports so all your devices can charge. You can also connect two generators using a parallel connector port so you can have more power when you need it.

The machine only has three percent harmonic distortion, which makes it easy for you to charge even your most sensitive devices, including your television, Smartphone, and computer. On a single tank of fuel, you can run the generator for up to eight hours when only twenty-five percent of the outlets are in use.
The Briggs inverter generator is small enough for most people to carry, weighing only fifty-five pounds easily. It also comes with an easy-to-grip handle to help you move it where you need it.


  • Quiet and efficient, the generator produces only fifty-nine decibels of sound.
  • The generator can use a parallel connector to link two generators together.
  • You can charge all your devices on the generator as it is safe for even laptops to recharge on.


  • The automatic shutoff feature can break, causing it to keep turning off automatically.
  • The generator can be too loud for some buyers.

4. Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Inverter Generator – Best Overall

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The Yamaha EF2000iSv2, 1600 Running Watts/2000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Inverter is a super quiet generator that comes with a muffler. The muffler helps deaden any sound produced, so only 51.1 decibels are audible when running a quarter of a load.
The Yamaha generator comes with a control panel that lets you easily figure out your power needs. A built-in Smart Throttle that helps vary the engine speed for the amount of load you need to run and to maximize your fuel consumption and reduce any extra noise produced. The inverter system has a Pulse Width Modulation (PMW) control built-in to help with fluctuations.
Built to energy-efficient, the Yamaha generator supplies clean, high-quality power using pure sine wave technology. EPA and CARB compliant, the generator receives high ratings for efficiency and clean operation from all fifty states. The Environmental protection agency has rated the Yamaha Inverter Generator for clean emissions and engine durability to help keep your air clean.
Built-in smart sensors also keep the generator running safely with the Oil Watch Warning system that cuts the power when the oil levels get too low. Low oil levels can damage the engine, which results in costly repairs. Fuel gauges come built into the generator as well to help you know you’re running low before you run out. It also helps you clean out your generator before you put it away.


  • Built-in Smart Sensor helps keep the generator safe for regular operation.
  • EPA and CARB approved for maximum clean operation in all fifty states.
  • The generator is quiet when running a quarter of a load at 51.5 decibels.


  • The carburetor is difficult to access to drain excess fluids.
  • The generator burns excessive oil with every use.

5. Westinghouse iGen4500 Super Quiet Inverter Generator

quietest inverter generator reviews

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The Westinghouse iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter has thirty-seven hundred rated watts and forty-five hundred peak watts of running power. The generator runs on gasoline and, when empty, weighs ninety-three pounds, which makes it light enough for most adults to move without trouble. A sturdy carrying handle comes installed on top to make sure you can carry the generator easily.

The inverter generator is extremely quiet, with only fifty-two decibels of noise. Can run for up to eighteen hours on as little as a little over one gallon of gas. An efficiency mode helps you to get maximum out of your generator with every use. The generator can also connect with a second Westinghouse iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter using a parallel connection for additional power.

The Westinghouse iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter comes with USFC, CARB, and EPA compliance, ensuring the safety and environmentally sound operation of the generator. It comes with a three-year limited service warranty and nationwide customer services.


  • The generator meets EPA and USFS compliance for safety and environmental protocols.
  • You can connect another Westinghouse iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter to have more power.
  • The generator has up to eighteen hours of running time on only a little over a gallon of gas.


  • The starter can be faulty.
  • The low oil indicator can become faulty.

What Features Should be in Best Inverter Generator

Selecting the right generator for your home or work needs means understanding what you need and the amount of power that needs will cost you. Do your homework before you make your final choice and know what all of what it can and should do.

  • Output

The amount of power you need depends on what you intend to use your inverter generator for. It can charge your devices quickly and safely, but it can also power up the battery banks of a motor home. The Machine you purchase needs to not only meet your power needs but exceed them because you never know what you might need your generator for.

Most machines run over one thousand amps, though it is not uncommon to see up to four thousand amps depending on the brand and size of the generator. If you plan on using your generator a lot for multiple applications, you should try to find an inverter generator in the four thousand range so you can run everything you hope to run.

  • Noise Control

Generators of any sort are noisy, but the more modern versions have mufflers and other noise-reducing equipment attached. Decibels up to seventy are not uncommon for regular generators. Most inverter generators operate around fifty decibels, which will keep your home quieter as well as not irritate your neighbors.

  • Environmental Standards

Generators produce a lot of exhaust, which pollutes the air. They are also extremely dangerous. Multiple standards passed by the environmental protection agency and other agencies working for cleaner air and safety equipment have helped produce the inverter generator of today. The new inverter generators operate a lot more safely and have new filters to help reduce pollution.

When you go looking for your new inverter generator, look for one that has met the EPA or CARB standards for safety and as tested to be environmentally forward. These generators meet some of the strictest testings for safety and environmental compliance. The generators will keep you healthy and not produce the fumes that might kill you.

  • Fuel

Most generators old and new use gasoline as their primary form of fuel. You can look for a generator that also runs on propane so you can have a secondary fuel source. Whether you go looking for either type, you should make sure it is running at its maximum efficiency. Most generators run on as little as one gallon of gasoline. Finding an inverter generator that does waste gasoline, propane, or oil will help save you money and time. Your wallet will feel less of a pinch to keep the generator running at its peak and efficient.

  • Size

Not all large generators will give you all you want in terms of use and noise reduction. A small generator might suit smaller needs or help with portability if you plan to travel with it. Whatever your reason for buying a generator, make sure you can move the generator, and it will do everything you want it to do.

A larger generator will allow you to run power tools, and a smaller generator will be easier to store them on an RV or in a car. The size of the generator you select should at least have wheels to help you move it around even if you do have the upper body to move it on your own.

  • Multiple Generators

One of the latest ways to enjoy your generator is to be able to hook it up to another one just like it. The use of dual generators of the same make, model, and fuel can help you achieve more power for your needs and travel light and effectively. The parallel system can help you do more than just charge your devices; it can help you keep your home running during a crisis.

Having a backup inverter generator can help you if there is a problem. Still, it can also keep you traveling or power up a host of tools you unexpectedly needed wherever you happen to be. The parallel system allows for two generators to hook together so you can double your power and your options.

  • Price

Not all generators are equal. The price of your generator is an indicator of quality in some cases. Make sure you know the extent of what you need your generator to do so you can look up several to find a range for pricing. Not everything is as simple as it seems, and you cannot always trust the brand for quality.

Final Thoughts

Having a generator for an emergency is a good way to ride out a storm or keep your Jobsite running strong. Having a best inverter generator can keep your family happy as well as give you more options for powering up your home and beyond. Of all the generators you can buy, the Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Gas-Powered Inverter Generator comes the closest to providing everything a home needs.

The Westinghouse iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator is also a good generator to give you a wide variety of options. If you are considering price as your main deciding factor, the Westinghouse inverter generator is more cost-effective than the Yamaha. Still, it does not have as much power or efficiency as the Yamaha. Whichever generator you select, make sure it will more than meet your needs and keep you running safely.

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