Best Two Stage Snow Blowers 2022 Top Picks & Review

Snow is something that can certainly look beautiful, but can cause some problems in day to day life. Depending on where you live, you might have to deal with snow on a regular basis. Of course, snow isn’t the end of the world, but it can cause delays. If the roads are snowed in, people can’t get to work or go out to get food, and emergency services can be impacted. If the sidewalks are snowed in, it’s difficult for people to walk and get around. If your driveway got the snowy treatment, you’ll likely have trouble getting out and onto the road.

If you want to take care of snow on your property, you might want to invest in a blower. These machines will help in getting rid of snow without too much physical strain on a person. They’re a great option for almost everybody given their ease of use and efficiency. There are few different kinds of snow blowers, but we will focus on some if the top two-stage snow blowers.

Best Two Stage Snow Blower Comparison Chart

Top 5 Best Rated Snow Blowers Reviews

1. Husqvarna ST224 Two Stage Snow Blower – Top Pick

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The Husqvarna ST224 is a great choice for a two-stage snow blower that performs well in all areas. Designed for medium and heavy snowfalls, its durability and power will prove its worth as it clears your driveways and sidewalks. It has a 208cc engine, remote chute deflector and rotator, 15-inch tires and features an electric start. The weight is just under 200 pounds. The front housing has a width of 24 inches so it can take in a wide berth of snow, and you likely won’t have to make as many passes as you might with other snow blowers.

One of the coolest features isn’t actually cool; it’s heat! Heated handle grips will keep your hands warm as you plow through whatever snow piles may be in your way. Anyone who’s been around snow for a long time can tell you how cold it can get, so having an extra heating method, especially for your hands, is an extremely welcome addition to a machine like this. The handles are also adjustable, so you can change them to fit your size and save your back. Depending on where you’re snow blowing, like places that have an incline or decline, being able to adjust the angle may make all the difference in ease of use.

There are six speeds to choose from, and you can also set it to reverse. Being able to control the speed is great so you have to do less backtracking, and you won’t be forced to slow down if you come across more snow than you were expecting. Having the option to reverse is also great since it’s a heavy machine and having some extra motor help is definitely welcome.


  • Six speeds, including reverse
  • Handle warmer
  • 24-inch housing


  • Fairly heavy at 199 lbs.
  • Susceptible to damage from taking in stones and rocks

2. Briggs & Stratton 1696610 Dual-Stage Snow Blower – The Runner-up

briggs and stratton snow blower review

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This Briggs & Stratton snow blower is equipped with 208cc engine which provides 9.5 foot pounds of torque.It has steel reversible skid shoes which makes plowing through snow easy, especially if it’s piled up. This makes maneuverability a cinch which can be tricky during some snowfalls. The electric start makes it effortless to turn on during cold temperatures, which is pretty much all the time it’ll be used. No need to worry about a pull-to-start mechanism as pressing a button is all you have to do to get it going.

The chute deflector is mounted on the dash with the feature of chute rotation which enables you to direct exactly where you want the unwanted snow to go. You don’t want the discarded snow going anywhere near your path so make sure it’s not going someplace you’re going to go to next. A steel body shows that this thing is built to last. The gearbox is also made of aluminum which ensures a long life. The Briggs & Stratton series are well-known for delivering high performance and enough power to meet your needs. Should something go wrong with the blower, there is an included 3 year warranty which covers defects in materials and workmanship.This model unfortunately does not have an oil filter, so you must take care to change the oil when necessary.

There is a bit of assembly required for this unit, and it has been reported that the assembly instructions may be difficult to follow. But if you read and study them closely, you should be okay and it’s only one time you really have to do it, so stick with it and you’ll have a great machine ready to go and clear that snow.


  • Great brand
  • Electric start


  • Assembly instructions may be hard to follow
  • Replacement parts may be hard to come by

3. YARDMAX YB5765 Snowblower – Best for the Money

yardmax 22 inch snow blower

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This YARDMAX snow blower has a 6.5 HP 196cc engine with recoil start. The axe-shaped housing design makes it easy to grind through tough ice and snow. The high-speed impeller is designed to expel lots of snow and the extended chute makes for a more precise discharge which reduces blowback greatly.

This is simplicity defined. A great balance of practicality and performance gives this model a great reputation for use either as a tool for a homeowner or a business investment for a professional contractor. It’s able to clear 12-inch tall snowfalls so don’t worry if you’ve just had a huge downpour. The serrated steel augers make clearing snow a breeze. The extended chute is also great for precision removal get the snow as far away from your areas as possible. There is an included dashboard with a headlight which makes operation easy peasy. There are also heated grips which is great for keeping your hands warm when making necessary adjustments. There’s even a cup holder included if you fancy a hot drink while you work.

There are five forward speeds and two reverse speeds so you can change the speed as necessary depending on the severity of the snowfall you’re tackling.This is one of the more affordable options that will still give you great value without having to break the bank or get bogged down in piles and piles of snow for the winter.There have been reports that sometimes the pull handle isn’t as strong as it should be, and too much force could cause it to break.


  • Easy to start
  • Excellent chute design
  • Simple to use


  • Pull cord susceptible to breaking if too much force is used

4. Troy-Bilt Storm 2625 Two-Stage Gas Snow Thrower

best riding snowblower

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The Storm can clear walkways up to 26 inches wide and 21 inches deep in just one pass, whereas most other snow blowers might need at least two. The reversible skid shoes offer more control and stability if you need to move around a lot. The two-way manual discharge chute is designed in such a way that it can propel snow farther away before letting it be caught by the wind, making it more likely that it will go where you want it to go.

It comes with 15×5 inch airless tires which are perfect for traction in snowy conditions. You also have the added benefit of not having to worry about filling any air in the tires, making sure they’re all at the same level, or puncture damage as you would with typical air-filled tires. There is a feature called Just One Hand operation, which allows you to adjust the 200 degree chute direction without having to stop, giving you more control over exactly where you want to expel your snow.

This machine is very nimble despite its size. Thanks to its tires and chute design, you can tackle almost any surface without too much trouble. The chute could be a little bit tighter, as some users say that it can be a little too loose for their liking. It’s great for very long and wide driveways/walkways, as you don’t need as many passes to clear them. With 26 inches of berth, you have a large amount of snow that can be cleared quickly and efficiently.


  • One Hand Operation
  • Airless Tires


  • No heated grips
  • Chute can come loose

5. Poulan PRO PR240

Poulan PRO PR240

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This PowerSmart snow blower has a 24 inch width and can handle a snow depth of up to 20 inches, so it’s great if you’re in a region that experiences heavy and/or periodic snowfall. As for its maneuverability, it comes equipped with six forward speeds and two reverse speeds which gives enhanced movement ability. The chute has a rotation range of 180 degrees.It can be started electrically or manually.

The tires are standard inflatable tires of 13 inches with deep snow treads which help in maneuvering through deep snowfalls. There are also adjustable metal skid shoes which allow for alteration in height giving even further customization of the device which can be used for a variety of situations.

Its weight comes in at 160 pounds, making it fairly light for a two-stage blower, but don’t let that fool you. What it lacks in weight, it makes up for in agility and ease of use. The sound of the motor can be a little on the loud side, but it’s a small price to pay for having such a large capacity for snow removal.

Even in subzero temperatures, you should be okay to get this started, as the company guarantees startup at even 20 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. While it might not be enviable to have to clear snow in those kinds of temperatures, sometimes you just have to get things done. Although it can’t be used single-handedly like some other models, its other features more than make up for having to use both hands to properly operate it.


  • Chute angle is adjustable
  • Wide width for fewer passes


  • Reverse mechanism can be finnicky
  • Lack of adjustable handles

Buying Tips For Best Two Stage Snow Blower

Selecting a best two stage snow blower may not be an easy task. You’ll want to consider quite a few things. Mainly where it will be used, how often it’ll be used, and what features you need (or don’t need). Here are some things to look out for that will assist you in your purchasing decision.

Three Different Types of Snow Blowers

Depending on your needs, you will want to get the right type of snow blower. There are three main types; single-stage, two-stage, and three-stage.

  • Single-Stage Snow Blower

A single-stage snow blower is the simplest one. It uses one single auger which is used to gather snow from the ground and bring it up through a discharge chute. They are best used on freshly-fallen snow before it gets a chance to freeze. They can usually handle snowfalls of about six inches. This is one to consider if snow is infrequent, but still something you want to be able to take care of if necessary.

  • Two-Stage Snow Blower

For the two-stage versions, the auger used is shaped like a corkscrew which pulls in the snow and brings into a central location. The snow is then pushed into an impeller which pushes it out of the chute. These are designed for heavier snowfalls of up 12 inches. It can handle much larger amounts of snow and can do so quicker than a single-stage. This is the kind the most people would need if snow is a normal occurrence and you want a reliable manner of getting rid of it. They’re more efficient than a single-stage, and less bulky than a three-stage, and is a great middle ground that will be enough for most people.

  • Three-Stage Snow Blower

This is the biggest version which is designed for heavy snowfalls. It is similar to a two-stage snow blower, but also has an extra auger, which is designed to break up snow much faster and more efficiently than a lower stage. This might be seen as overkill if you don’t have to deal with that much snow, so this is only something you should consider if you find yourself needing to clear snow on a regular basis, or if you need snow gone in a short amount of time.

  • Headlights

Like most high-powered machines, having extra visibility is never a bad thing. You wouldn’t think of driving a car at night without headlights, and even if you’re not using your machine at night, having headlights will still be helpful. If you need to get snow cleared before the sun comes up, or if you’re not able to do any clearing until the sun goes down, headlights will show their worth in saving you time and let you clear your snow without having to wait for natural light.

  • Tires

Normal, air-filled tires have been the norm for a long time, but now there are airless tires which, for snow blowers, are perfect. You don’t need to worry about how much air is in them, or getting a flat, or making sure they’re all at the same level. One tire with less air could make the snow blower pull to one side, so you’ll have to spend some more energy keeping it on track, which, naturally, can be a hassle. Simply go for airless tires and you’ll save yourself a world of heartache.

  • Power Steering

The larger snow blowers can be quite heavy, and when coming to the end of a row of snow and having to turn, it might not be the easiest task. Power steering helps in making this a much easier task, so definitely look for this feature as it’s quite handy to have.


So there are quite a few things we’ve learned about snow blowers and how to choose one, and we’ve taken a look at some good two-stage models.The things to take away from this are which features will best suit your needs, and which features are nice, but not necessary. Even though a certain feature may not be completely necessary, it could certainly make a difference in the overall comfort of using the machine.

Heated handles and adjustable handles are things that come to mind that don’t directly impact the removal of the snow (which is the primary function of the machine), but if your hands get too cold or your back starts hurting from improper positioning, it’s not going to be too long before the snow removal comes secondary to your health. As for the actual snow removal capabilities, the chute plays an important part because that’s what dictates where the unwanted snow will go. It won’t do well if you can’t get the snow to go far enough away that will end up causing you to take another pass over the same snow.

Finally, a big factor is whether you’re going to be using it for personal use or as part of a business. A business snow blower is going to get a lot more use so you’ll want to look into warranties, durability, replacement parts, and maintenance. These should all be taken into account when deciding which machine to get. We hope that this information will help you make a good choice when it comes to selecting the perfect snow blower that will suit your needs.

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