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Sprawling green lawns, brilliantly colored flowers, healthy orchards and a pristine garden. Can you imagine yourself in the midst of all this beauty? We know all of this is the result of a lot of hard work. Gardening is an art and, keeping the garden free of weeds, insects, and other pests are the foremost things on the mind of anybody with a green thumb. A backpack sprayer is an essential garden tool. Lugging heavy cans of herbicides, fertilizers, or even plain water becomes easier with a backpack sprayer. Just strap on the sprayer, and you are ready to tackle anything that comes your way. You might be looking to buy a sprayer for your home garden, or you are looking to buy for commercial usage – we have you covered. Here we elucidate on the features of five very popular backpack sprayers in this guide. Read on to find the right fit for your garden or landscaping company.

5 Best Backpack Sprayer Comparison Chart

Backpack Sprayers Reviews 2021 List

1. Chapin 63985 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer – Best Overall

best backpack sprayer

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This backpack sprayer by Chapin with an electric pump spares you the trouble of constantly pumping to get a decent spray. Cover wide areas and hard to reach spots with ease, using this battery-powered sprayer. Just walk along with the wand in position, and the work is done.

The pump works with the easily available 20-volt, 1.5 amp Black & Decker lithium ion battery. The included charger is compact and compatible with inverters as well. After completely charging, you can spray continuously for almost 1.75 hours with a 35 psi pressure. The electric pumping means the pressure generated is even, and there is no fear of line explosion that might happen with manual pumping. Unlike other backpack sprayers, this one is lightweight, just weighing around 42 pounds when full. The six inch wide opening makes for easy filling without spilling. The opening is wide enough to accommodate bigger hands for effortless cleaning inside the tank.

The hose is 48 inches long and made of clear, reinforced, and flexible material. The wand comes with three nozzles. The sprayer can spray a vertical stream of 27 feet and a horizontal stream of 20 feet. Cover wide areas or small areas with ease with the adjustable nozzles.The sprayer has three stage filtration: one filter basket at the main opening, one in-tank filter where the liquid enters the pump, and another in-line with the wand.The grip of the wand doesn’t slip off, and the shut-off point can be taken apart for cleaning. The shoulder straps are padded and comfortable for long time wear. The harness also has a waist strap.


  • Capable of spraying almost 50 gallons without recharging the battery.
  • The pump works noiselessly.
  • The three stage filtering ensures longevity of the unit.
  • Strong pump, pressurizes effectively.
  • Absolutely no leakage.
  • The applications are multipurpose.


  • Tall people find the hose a little short

2. Field King Professional Backpack Sprayer

field king backpack sprayer

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This sturdy backpack sprayer from Field King is truly a king when it comes to its design and ease of use. This non leaking sprayer comes with an inbuilt piston pump. The pump is capable of generating a pretty high pressure of 150 psi and comes with a pressure regulator to reduce the pressure to almost 25 psi. The sprayer is capable of even spraying a 20 feet spray up into the trees, thanks to the phenomenally high pressure generated by the manual pump.

The no-leak feature means you finally bid goodbye to wet and stained clothing. Another exclusive feature of this sprayer is the internal paddles. These activate with every pump and keep the liquids and powders mixed properly. No more heavy lifting and shaking the sprayer to agitate the settled down solids. The tank opening is pretty large and comes with a filtration basket to filter out debris while filling it up. The closing valve on the opening is one way to prevent spills if the tank is accidentally inverted when full.

The seals on the pump are all Viton, which is highly resistant to chemicals and doesn’t deteriorate. Another positive feature is that all the seals can be easily changed in a matter of minutes without fiddling around with your tools.The wand is 21 inches long and comes with an easy-grip shut-off mechanism made of brass. It also comes with a removable in-line filter. The hose is heavy-duty and thick. It comes with four different nozzles: an adjustable brass one sprays a stream or a fine mist, a wide flat fan to use for lawns, a narrow flat fan for confined spaces, and a foaming nozzle for administering herbicides. TeeJet nozzles can also be fixed onto the sprayer for additional versatile use. This sprayer is a heavyweight, but the expertly designed, adjustable shoulder harness with wide, padded shoulder straps, waist strap, and chest strap make carrying the sprayer an easy task. The tank also has a strong handle to help lift and for wand storage.


  • Good sturdily designed straps.
  • Paddles and agitators to mix things up with every pump.
  • Pressurizes very easily.
  • Ambidextrous pump handle.
  • Four different nozzles and nozzle changes are very easy.
  • The gallon markings on the sides of the tank make checking levels easy.
  • The base plate is strong and heavy.


  • The only issue most users seem to have with this is the difficulty in storing.

3. Solo 425 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer

solo backpack sprayer

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This 4 gallon polyethylene tank sprayer by Solo is a piston pump powered backpack sprayer. Spray any liquid fertilizer or disinfectant with ease, courtesy the high pressure of up to 90 psi generated by the manual pump.The pump pressure can be further regulated by a pressure regulating valve to give: 15, 30, 45, or 60 psi. The large 4.25 inch opening with a filtration bucket makes filling up the tank and cleaning it up a breeze. The entire unit is made of chemical resistant, heavy-duty plastic material. Scores high on durability and longevity with Viton seals, gaskets and O rings. It has a two stage filtration, one in the opening and another filter in the nozzle.

The pump handle can be easily reversed for left hand or right hand use. The hose is 4 feet long. The length of the wand and the sprayer together is 28 inches. The nozzle system is interchangeable and comes with four kinds of nozzles: one adjustable nozzle, one fan spray nozzle, one hollow cone nozzle, and one jet-stream nozzle. The nozzle system also accepts TeeJet nozzle tips.

The wand has a commercial shut-off valve that can be locked in an on or off position and gives your arms some rest. The wand is unbreakable and has a built-in retainer for hassle-free storage. The metal frame is sturdy and sits well on any surface. The straps are padded with easy pull tabs and are designed with comfort and convenience in mind. The design of the unit is such that it contours beautifully onto your back for maximum back support.


  • The gallon measurements are given on the side of the tank in raised markings and will not wear off.
  • The sturdy metal frame ensures the unit stays upright on any kind of surface even when it is full of liquid.
  • Each nozzle variation targets a specific application and makes the job effective.
  • The unit is extremely simple to assemble and use.
  • Spare parts are easily available.
  • The pumping action is easy and builds up pressure pretty fast.


  • The shoulder straps are too thin and fragile.


roundup backpack sprayers

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Are you looking for an economical backpack sprayer to use around your house? Then this Stanley sprayer is the best bet for you. This is the best economical sprayer of the lot. This sprayer is made of high-quality, durable, lightweight material. The capacity of the tank is a standard 4 gallon. The wide mouth comes with a strainer basket to filter out debris.

There is yet another filter at the valve shut-off too. This helps cleaning up the sprayer easier. The sprayer has a continuous spray mode at the shut-off point. Just switch it on and point to get the work done. The pump is manual, and the pump handle can be switched easily from the left hand to the right side and vice-versa. The pump is pretty large, so pumping for a little time builds a lot of pressure, making your job easier.

The wand tip is adjustable with two options: spray nozzle and a fan nozzle. The wand is made of polyester material, and the wand tips are also polyester. You also get a bonus bronze nozzle for long-time use. The shoulder straps are padded and make it very comfortable to wear the sprayer for a long time. The continuous spray mode ensures less fatigue on the fingers and makes spraying pretty enjoyable.


  • No spillage when filling up, because of the wide mouth opening.
  • No leakage of harmful chemicals.
  • Handling and usage is easy as it is lightweight.
  • The sprayer can be assembled very easily and fast.
  • The pricing is very reasonable and gives good value for money.
  • The reversible pump handle makes it a good fit for any user.
  • The continuous spray mode idea is brilliant and improves comfort levels


  • The pump ends up faulty in some sprayers.


Chapin 6100 backpack sprayer

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Another one from Chapin, you might wonder. But hang on, this unique sprayer from Chapin might just fit your requirement. The capacity of this sprayer is a whopping 4 gallons, but it doesn’t look like it. It is lightweight, tipping the scale at only ten pounds when empty. The tank is made of heavy-duty, translucent plastic. This translucency makes checking on the fluid level easier. The 4-inch opening makes filling and cleaning the tank pretty easy. The opening comes with a removable strainer to filter out debris.

This compact sprayer has a unique design with the 48 inch hose rising from the top of the sprayer. It might take some time getting used to the different positioning though it does not affect the functionality of the sprayer in any way. The spray nozzle can spray a mist or a stream, with just a twist of its adjustable fan tip. There is an option with a bonus foaming nozzle too. This sprayer is capable of spraying a 23 feet horizontal stream and a 25 feet vertical stream. It has yet another filter at the spray shut-off point, making it a sprayer with double filtration. This double filtration makes cleaning easy as pie. The whole assembly can be easily taken apart for maintenance and cleaning.

The piston pump system is manual and pumps with a spray rate of 0.4 to 0.5 Gallons Per Minute (GPM). The maximum pressure of 60 psi generated by the pump means lesser exertion on your part. Spray with your right and pump with your left, and you are good to go. The padded back straps make it so easy to just swing the sprayer onto your back and spray away. They don’t dig into your shoulders and make the whole process highly comfortable on your back.


  • Great design with the spout at top and no detachable parts at the bottom
  • Does not leak fluids unto the back, thanks to its design.
  • Very economical and gives back good value for money.
  • Excellent pumping pressure and good pump -to-spray ratio.
  • Very good coverage.
  • Pumping action is not strenuous.
  • Easy to assemble and comes with good assembly instructions
  • Can be put to use immediately.


  • The stop-off valve closes improperly at times.
  • The durability of the straps is questionable.

Pick A Best Backpack Sprayer with It’s Features 

Now comes the crucial part where you decide which best backpack sprayer will fit your requirements. Read on and find out what are the main factors to consider before you decide on the right choice.

  • Commercial or domestic use

How long are you going to use the sprayer in a day? If you are a commercial landscaper, then you might be pumping by the gallons per day. Then the best fit for you is a sprayer with a motorized pump. A sprayer with a manual pump might not be a good choice for commercial usage. The pressure generated by an electric pump is even and higher than the pressure generated by a manual pump. Moreover, manual pumping is too tiresome. If you are a domestic user and don’t mind the good arm workout, go for a sprayer with a manual pump. Motorized pump sprayers weigh more, cost more, and are noisier than sprayers with manual pumps. Larger areas are better covered with the former, while smaller areas might require only manual pump sprayers.

  • Piston pump or Diaphragm pump:

Sprayers with piston pumps are less expensive, but the wear and tear associated with a piston pump are high, and the parts need to be replaced often. Diaphragm pumps, on the other hand, are much more expensive, but long-lasting too. Diaphragm pumps work with all kinds of pesticides and liquids.

  • Nozzles:

Every sprayer comes with many kinds of nozzles: A gush of liquid, a mist, or wide swathes – you can get them all with one sprayer. Most sprayers come with changeable tips. Some manufacturers save you the trouble of hunting for different nozzles by giving a single adjustable nozzle. Plastic tips are the most common, but if you are looking at longevity, go for brass or nickel tips.

  • Ease of Use:

Is the sprayer easy to use? How easy is it to fill up the tank, or how effectively can you clean the tank up? Most tanks come with a wide opening for easy filling. All sprayers come with a basic two stage filtration set up, but some manufacturers go a step ahead and give three stage filtration also. Filtration makes the cleaning process easier and spraying more effective.

  • Durability and Sturdiness:

Look out for the durability of the shoulder straps, sturdiness of the plastic tank, long lasting nature of the various seals, gaskets and fixtures of the sprayer. Take into account the sturdiness of the hose and the wand also. Viton seals and gaskets don’t deteriorate on contact with chemicals. Plastic is corrosion resistant but doesn’t last as long as metal fixtures.

  • Value for money:

This factor is pretty important. Sprayers with manual pumps are less expensive than the ones with motorized pumps. Look for pumps that give back their value in money. Good quality costs more, and longevity improves the value for the money you pay.

  • Comfort:

You are going to wear the heavy sprayer for a pretty long time. Look for sprayers with padded shoulder straps and chest straps too. Most of the sprayers mentioned in this guide have issues with the straps, except for the one by Field King. The other sprayers just fall a little behind, but there is nothing like a separately bought shoulder harness to make things a bit more comfortable.

  • Safety:

Safety is another main factor to keep in mind. You don’t want chemicals leaking out, nor explosions due to unregulated pressure. Go for leak proof designs, sprayers with regulators for pressure, and safety valves. Leak-proof sprayers make sure harmful chemicals don’t leak out of the sprayer and endanger your health. Regulated pressure also makes sure there are no dangerous line explosions.


Backpack sprayers are good, practical additions to any household with a big garden to maintain. Commercial landscapers and agriculturists also benefit a lot from choosing the right sprayer. Before we conclude, let us give you a bit more information on how to get the most of any type of backpack sprayer.

Backpack sprayers are most commonly used for the application of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Cover wide areas with ease and small patches of a garden with the same ease. Staining of wooden fences, wooden decks, and treating mildew is also made easy with a backpack sprayer. Cleaning up hard to reach areas like garage roofs, pressure cleaning of pathways are all easy as pie with a sprayer. Just make sure to clean and maintain your sprayer between uses to make it more efficient. Using different tanks for different applications is a brilliant idea to prevent chemical mix-up.

We have done the research for you, and we find Chapin with its many years of experience, has a good variety of both manual and motorized sprayers. The sprayer by Field King, though is the best of the lot when it comes to comfort, safety, and value for money. The metal frame of the one by Solo is worth giving it a try, while the sprayer by Stanley is the most economical of the lot. A backpack sprayer is every gardener’s best friend. Spray away the pests and weeds, make your garden healthy, you can even use the sprayer to clean up. The possibilities of using a backpack sprayer are endless! Get yours now!

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