Best Paint Sprayer Review & Buyer’s Guide

We are sure that you need to save time, money and achieve a good job quality with a paint sprayer. For this reason, we decided to make a list of the best paint sprayers. We looked at several features that can help you become a better painter. You also need to look into different factors when buying a paint sprayer. They may include pressure controls, flow rate, physical dimensions, and many others. Therefore, you need to be careful about what features a paint sprayer has before spending your hard-earned cash on it.

Also, many pros and cons may help you to find the right paint sprayer. These alongside features are great because they help you understand whether a sprayer is suitable for home or professional use. We have our best picks that exhibit exceptional functionality for various categories. We selected these picks following their outstanding features. Read on to find more about the paint sprayers.

Best Paint Sprayers Comparison Chart

Top 5 Best Rated Paint Sprayer Reviews

1. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 – Top Pick

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Whether you are looking for a paint sprayer for home or commercial use, look no further than the Graco Magnum 262800 X5. Although there are paint sprayers with similar features, most of them do not match the value it provides. If accuracy is your thing, this paint sprayer is perfect for you. Remember, the more flexible it is, the more control you have on what you are doing. It is an excellent choice for painters looking for descent tools at affordable prices. Also, you can spray directly from the bucket without a problem. The Graco Magnum 262800 X5 can work with either a 1- or 5-gallon bucket. Remember, you can also spray up to 125 gallons each year. It means you can work on several projects in a year.

Also, you do not have to worry about a drop in pressure. The Graco Magnum 262800 X5 comes with a 75 feet long paint hose. It helps to keep the pressure constant even if you move to higher heights. Many other paint sprayers may not keep up with the distance, and consequently, they drop pressure.

This paint sprayer is adjustable. Meaning, you can change the pressure, type of paint, or spray pattern to use. Thus, it is a good pick for any project you need to do. Also, it is ideal for use with both thick stains and heavy latex. Another fascinating feature the Graco Magnum 262800 X5 boasts of is the RAC IV switch tip. This switch helps to unclog a sprayer. Most times, the paint dries up and blocks the pipe. But with a switch tip, you can unclog the pipes by reversing it.


  • Fully adjustable pressure
  • It allows you to use it with un-thinned paint in high pressure
  • The paint hose can reach 75 feet


  • It is prone to clogging

2. Wagner Spraytech 0518050

electric spray paint gun

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It is a paint sprayer that works perfectly for a professional painters’ job. However, even DIY painters need excellent paint sprayers. Therefore, choosing Wagner Spraytech 0518050 can be a great thing if you want exceptional finishes. One of the best things about this paint is its efficiency. You will not lose paint to the ground because all of it goes to the surface. Also, the sprayer tip is adjustable, and you can tune it to your preference. Some people want the spray pattern round, horizontal or vertical.

Also, you get to save on materials with this sprayer. You can adjust the amount of paint according to the surface you are spraying. ½ inch extensive adjustments are perfect for delicate finishes. 10-inch coverages can be excellent picks for large surfaces. Remember, you can still adjust in between these two.

You get two material cups when you buy this paint sprayer. There is a 1 and 1.5 quartet cup for different painting projects. Mostly, the 1 quartet is suitable for indoor while the 1.5 quartet is ideal for outdoor painting. Another essential feature of the Wagner Spraytech 0518050 is then Lock-N-Go design. Using this spray, you can change materials easily. Also, this feature allows you to clean it easily. Installation is quite simple and straightforward. Even the most complicated features in this spray are easy to handle and operate. Also, it is one of the safest electric paint sprayers.


  • Adjustable spray width
  • Good safety features
  • Highly efficient to save on paints
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor spraying
  • Compact in design
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable spray patterns


  • Paint clogging is easy
  • It requires thinning of material

3. Wagner 0518080

best professional airless paint sprayer

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This tool is specialized for people who want good results but cannot afford to invest in high-end equipment. It has some essential features that are very rare on other sprayers within the same price range. It comes with a two-stage turbine which is excellent for use with thicker materials. These include elements such as latex, which may not work well with ordinary sprayers. However, it is essential to note that you can find a hard time trying to clean the sprayer if you use such thick paints.

Also, it comes with dust fillers as among the best features. The pair of dust fillers are in place to ensure only paint gets out of the sprayer. Without dust fillers, this spray cannot produce such refined paint. It provides more refined paint than most of the sprayers within its price range. Also, you can adjust the spray patterns to your preference. You can only do this by turning the spray nozzle until you get your preferred application. There are different spray patterns you may prefer, either horizontal, vertical, or round. The pattern you choose depends on the surface you are spraying. Some are wide, high, or extensive, like a room, requiring different adjustments.

There are two cups that you can use to grade your paints. You can choose between 1- and 1.5-quart plastic cups. The 1.5 quart is suitable for larger volumes of paint. Also, over-spraying is a challenge with many sprayers. With the Wagner Spraytech 0518080, you can control the air pressure and ensure you do not lose paint to the ground. Eventually, all of it ends up on the target surface hence saving on costs.


  • It is economical
  • It is sizeable
  • Works with both latex and lacquer paints
  • It is moderate in weight
  • Comes with a warranty


  • Poor flow rate

4. HomeRight C800766 – Best Paint Sprayer for the Money

professional paint sprayer for cabinets

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We can start by describing this tool as a super compact, super light, and super cheap. One of the strongest point about this sprayer is that it has a better flow than most of the sprayers in the market. Surprisingly, it does this at a very affordable initial cost. Also, it can spray thicker paints with less thinning required. Also, you can use it for several types of paints. For example, it can work with latex, enamels, varnishes, clear sealers, primers, and polyurethane paints.

One of its downsides is that it won’t offer pressure control. Most of these paints require a sprayer that you can control hassle-free. Also, the quality gets compromised for lack of pressure controls. There is a need to check the spray quality by trying it on a mock surface before you start spraying the actual surface. Also, the sprayer allows you to use up to 3 patterns. It depends on the type of surface you are spraying and what pattern works best for you. There is an air cap to ensure the paint lands on the target surface. The nozzle can get adjusted to change the pattern from vertical to horizontal or round. This sprayer is the best for multiple projects as you can trust its durability. Also, the 27-ounce container holds a lot of paint that is sufficient for numerous projects.

However, one feature that everyone loves it the HomeRight C800766, C900076 warranty. You can only imagine that this product comes with a solid 2-year warranty and it is among the cheapest in the market. Most paint sprayers with higher price tags come with only a one-year warranty.


  • Works with different materials
  • It has an excellent warranty
  • It has a reasonable flow rate
  • It is super compact and super light
  • It is affordable


  • It lacks a pressure control

5. Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 890

best handheld airless paint sprayer

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It is necessary to consider sprayers that give high performance at a relatively low price. The Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 890 matches these features correctly. Comparing it with many other sprayers, it certainly works perfectly, although it does not have a better flow rate than most sprayers. Also, this sprayer is perfect for different paint jobs. It also means you can use it for various tasks such as applying finish on walls, furniture, ceilings, or cabinets. It is an excellent tool for a freelance painter who does commercial projects. It is also essential to get an easy to adjust sprayer. Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 890 is one of the adjustable sprayers you can get in the market. It comes with the ability to change the pressure to the point that fits the kind of work you are doing.

Some projects take longer, and holding the turbine for long can cause fatigue. However, with this sprayer, you can work for hours without feeling tired. The turbine sits on the floor because you only need the paint hose to start working. Convenience is another feature that comes with this product. Remember, you need a sprayer that you can clean easily. Cleaning a sprayer is quite simple. The Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 890 has a turbine that can store parts like nozzles and the pipe after cleaning. It is this feature that also makes it portable.

You can control both the pressure and material flow hassle-free. It comes with an X-boost power dial to facilitate pressure control. Also, there is a knob that controls the flow of materials. Notably, the Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 890 comes with most of the features everyone wants except high flow rates.


  • Flow rate control features
  • Moderate flow rate
  • Pressure control dial
  • Affordable cost
  • Spray pattern controls


  • Large in size
  • Mediocre warranty

What Feature Should be in Best Paint Sprayer

Now, we hope you can select a paint sprayer from our list without any challenges. However, you must compare several features. Primarily, you should compare one product to another. Here is a list of some of the features you may need to check out.

  • Physical dimensions

There are several physical parameters one may look at when choosing a sprayer. However, we found the size and weight to be the most important. For example, it is essential to buy sizable sprayers because that means they are more portable than bigger ones. Also, size contributes to weight. Big sprayers are likely to weigh more than small sprayers. When it comes to weight, you want something comfortable to carry. A heavy sprayer may hinder your ease of working, especially for professionals. Therefore, go for the cheaper one if faced with a situation where two heavy sprays costing the same price.

  • Pressure control

Let’s explain a little bit about pressure control. Inserting a lot of pressure when writing with a pencil translates to darker writing. However, doing the same with less pressure means lighter writings. Pressure control works with the same analogy. It is essential to check whether a spray has a pressure control knob. In our review, you may have noticed that some sprays lacked pumps. Controlling pressure can be a daunting task if your spray lacks a control knob. Mostly, you may use paints of varying flows. Sometimes, thick or thin paints depending on the task you are handling. These require different pressure levels, and a pressure control knob will work well.

  • Flow rate control

Using different types of paints requires that you have a flow rate control. As mentioned earlier, there are thick and thin paints. Each has its kind of surface, and also, there is a limit to the amount you should use in every surface type. For thick paints, you may need higher pressure to move the paint to the spray surface. On the contrary, thin paints require less pressure to move the paint through the hose pipe.

Therefore, you may need to control the flow rate depending on the surface you are working on at the moment. However, you do not need to adjust your flow rate if you are spraying the same surfaces with similar paints.

  • Material

The material a sprayer can paint is another essential factor to consider. Mostly, you should not look at the current problem. You may have more issues in the future. Therefore, you may need to find solutions for them before they occur. Think of this. You need a sprayer that can paint on vanish. There is no point in looking for one that solves your exact need at the moment. Sometimes in the future, you may need one that sprays on latex. It can help if you buy one that can do both and save on future costs.

  • Flow rate

The flow rate is the amount of paint a sprayer dispenses in a minute. In paints, we use gallons and not liters. Therefore, the number of gallons a sprayer dispenses in a minute is its flow rate. There are both advantages and disadvantages of a high flow rate. However, it is the most preferred by most painters. For beginners, it may be a difficult task to master painting at high flow rates. However, experienced people find it very easy to work at high flow rates. Besides, it helps them complete their work quickly.

  • Spray pattern control

The spray pattern is a significant factor. You should always check it out before buying a sprayer. The ability to control spray patterns increases accuracy, especially for professionals. There are three spray applications you can do with most machines. These include horizontal, vertical, and round. Mostly, the spray pattern you choose depends on the type of surface you are spraying. Also, there are narrow and broad spray patterns. With all these options, you may be able to reduce wastage and feel more flexible. However, if you are spraying flat surfaces, you may not need spray pattern controls.


All the sprayers you have read about in this review had some exciting features. These are the features that made us include them in this review. We will give the best in every category and hope this will make it even easier to choose one that meets your needs. Let’s check out some of the best on our list. For the best in flexibility, we picked the Wagner Spraytech 0518050. It comes with several great features that make it a good sprayer. First, it is easy to adjust both the pressure and flow rates. With this spray, you can control both the pressure and flow rates and save materials.

If you need an affordable sprayer that still has excellent features, go for the HomeRight C800766, C900076. It comes with great features, such as a reasonable flow rate. Besides, it has good size and is light in weight. Also, it can work with all material controls. However, it does not have pressure control features. But it can still be suitable for DIY users who do not need such controls. If you are not working on variant surfaces, it should be an excellent pick for you. With the rest of the features it comes with, you can say it is an affordable sprayer. With all the above features, it is vital to choose the best paint sprayer. Compare these features from one product to another. We hope this guide will help you get the best sprayer both for professional and DIY needs.

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