Best Tig Welders Reviews AC/DC Models 2022

Tungsten inert gas welding has become the most diverse method of welding. TIG gives control over all aspects of weld from amperages to filler speeds and more other unique features. You can also perform TIG weld without using filler metals. As a result, TIG welding is perfect for fitting together, even thin metals, which aren’t welded by other processes. To acquire the right TIG welders in the market, it is vital to understand the fundamentals of welding industry. You may require TIG welders for business, cars, or simple repairs. Thus, purposes of welders determine the factors to consider when buying one. You could also want to invest in bench vises for your soldering needs! Therefore, if you are thinking of purchasing the TIG welders, then you need to know various models available. Through reading this article, you will be guided about the best TIG weld models to pick for multiple uses.

Best Tig Welders Comparison Chart

Top 5 Best Tig Welder With Reviews

1.Primeweld/AC/DC TIG Aluminum Welder With Pulse

Best Tig Welder Reviews

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These models have all essential features welders would want to find in TIG welder package. The PRIMEWELD TIG 225x Stick welders are impressive machines that are great additions to workshops and tool collection. The dual voltage features of the machines enable users to utilize them with all outlets of finding power in any place of work. PRIMEWELD TIG225X models also perform stick welding and do well in the sticky operations.

As required by TIG welding operations, torches and foot pedals are included in this package. With HF start for the TIG, welders quickly turn on the machines. When you light torch, you get to realize why this machine is a favorite. With duty cycles of 40% max amperages that rise to 100% in cases of lower amperages, one thing that you should not worry about is experiencing the issues of the machine overheating and shutting off. Welds with these models are always impressive. Everything works smoothly. High performances110v or the 220v is experienced. Moreover, pulse features are in full range, and cleaning or controlling AC is simple. Such options provide the best versatility of weld devices. These units feature 225 AC/DC amps TIG welding. This allows professional or hobby welders’ wide ranges of uses.

Excellent penetration is an outcome, and the arcs start right all the time when you pull the triggers. With the price of the weld, you pay a little bit high for the quality. Nonetheless, considering the services and superiority of the model, the device is priced reasonably.


  • 100%duty cycles
  • Dual voltage
  • The device does Stick Welding
  • Has HF TIG ignitions
  • TIG torch, as well as foot pedal, are provided


  • The welding device is expensive compared to other models

2. Sungoldpower 200 AC/DC TIG Welder

everlast tig welder

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TIG welders are pretty expensive. Nevertheless, SUNGOLDPOWER model is a reasonably priced TIG machine in ARC200. The weld is among the most affordable TIG models that we have seen. Nonetheless, this has no implications that it could slump in performances. In fact, you will be impressed with how the weld with little units does its job. The models have dual voltage functionalities so you could plug them into any electrical circuit available. Moreover, the weld has the necessary adapters included in the buying package.

What’s more impressive about Sungoldpower is its 60% cycle duty features. This means that the machines may weld for more than six minutes in every ten minutes. The rate is better compared to most TIG welders, which are comparatively expensive more than Sungoldpower. The weld also has overload protection. The protectors are perfect for self-protective functions in case of over-voltages, low-voltages, over-currents, over-heats. This makes the machine to be safe as well as a reliable one.

Sungoldpower TIG welders use lift ignitions. Thus, you can press tips to the metals, and after pulling it back, the arc starts. This works excellently, and you will have no trouble getting your arc to kick off each time. Nevertheless, the unit has no TIG torch. But with the prices, you will manage to procure several flashlights and save a lot over what is paid for other machines. The remarkable functionality, as well as low costs of these devices, makes them the ideal TIG welding machine for your money.


  • The weld is lightweight and can be easily moved or transported.
  • The device is small and can fit in most household spaces.
  • Excellent for small and quick jobs
  • The welds hold steady arcs and don’t quickly overheat.


  • The lids are short, and most at times users are forced to replace them
  • The clamp is undersize and limits the voltages required.

3.Everlast Power AC/DC TIG Welder For Money

everlast tig welder

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This model has been an impressive welder. The machines are efficient in commercial as well as industrial use. Everlast PowerTIG is among the most expensive welders, but the device is likewise the best and most capable machine in welding. You are guaranteed to achieve standard DC welding and also achieve AC capability. Therefore, it’s possible to solder aluminum with this PowerTIG model. You even choose the way you prefer to start the TIG arc because it has both HF as well as Lift ignitions. Everything needed for starting TIG welding is packed in the sales package. The most looked-into features include TIG torches and foot pedals. Moreover, the welder is advanced and provides dual voltages so you could plug 110V or even 220V electrics.

You choose the most suitable voltage depending on the available electricity. Among all, the most exciting features are the duty cycles, which offer 60% of max amperage as well as 100% duty cycles below the max amperage. As such, the machine can operate all day without shutoffs and losing power. Generally, this machine warrants its high price tags. This is the reason why Everlast PowerTIG 200DV model has earned the premium choice endorsement. The welding machine also has a warranty. You can return it within thirty days of buying. Free repair or changing the machine in case of mechanical problems are among the solutions offered. You can use the one month to inspect and monitor any problem with the welding device


  • The machine is portable
  • Everlast PowerTIG 200DV can use generators and various power sources
  • Limitless operations. You can weld as long as you want.
  • Includes a torch and foot pedals
  • Dual voltage
  • Welding is done in both AC and DC


  • The welding machine is expensive as compared to others in its class.

4. AHP Alpha/AC/DC TIG Welder With Pulse

alpha tig welder

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More than average, TIG welders have PULSE capabilities. This provides control over the weld and makes it easy to join even the thinnest metals without forcing through. The model also has the capacity to stick welds. Therefore, be certain that you will acquire more than TIG welders with this machine. Since the models are primarily from TIG welders, the foot pedals needed to control amperage are also included. Two drawbacks are, however, noticeable with this model. AHP AlphaTIG 200X is more extensive than most TIG welders. As a result, the models take up more spaces in a workshop.

The machines are also heavy, and thus, they become less portable. However, the disadvantages are outweighed by other excellent features. The models are dual-voltage, besides the fact that three-year warranties cover the machine. However, the most remarkable features are the duty cycles provided. Running at max amperage of two hundred amps, the machine has duty cycles of 60%. Nevertheless, with 150 amps, the models provide 100% duty cycles, making them great for all commercial operations.

The Power width modulations and the IGBT tech designs provide reliable as well as durable power sources. Besides, the power features offer high performances for both the 110v and the 220v with full ranges of features. Furthermore, cleaning control process for AC is easy.


  • Dual voltage
  • foot pedals for TIG welding are provided
  • 100% duty cycles at 150A
  • offers stick welding
  • three-years warranty
  • Buying package includes torches


  • It’s large compared to other TIG welding machines
  • The welding machines are heavy and not easy to carry or transport

5. Weldpro 3 in 1 MIG/TIG/ARC welder

Weldpro 3 in 1 MIG welder

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TIG welding may not be enough, the Weldpro with 200-amp inverters multi-process welders offer three kinds of welding. MIG, ARC Stick, and TIG are the types of welding provided by Weldpro. This seems like too much functionality from just a single unit. Besides the three common ways of welding performance provided, the machines are also dual voltage. Therefore, you use 110V and the 220V outlets given. Dual digital display makes the welds easy to set, and the devices are overall well-built. Furthermore, the weld model has VRD high temperature and overload protections with indication. In the case of voltage problems, the protectors will help to preserve the machine. Users can use adjustable inductance settings to achieve accurate and more effective welding.

In nearly all TIG welding devices, you are given lift ignitions. These ignitions are preferable as compared to low-end scratche start model. Nevertheless, you won’t receive foot pedals in the buying package of the welders. But since its vitals, you will be forced to procure them separately.

The multi-process synergic welders have been designed for several operations. The models may be used in hardware, decorations, car modifications, equipment, or even for factory maintenance. Besides, the machines handle all chores, including aluminum used with spool guns in mig modes. This is a letdown. Nevertheless, the disappointment may be neutralized by the way the model functions. The arcs are started up rapidly all the time, and great penetrations with the welds are achieved. The model has a torch in its pack though it could not be the most preferred one.


  • Dual voltage
  • Offers TIG, MIG as well as Stick ARC
  • Lift TIG ignition
  • Doesn’t overheat easily


  • The model is expensive
  • Torch provided isn’t the best
  • Doesn’t contain foot pedals

Find Features in The Best Tig Welder For Beginner

Are you buying the welding machine for the first time? The procurement process may be overwhelming for you. Starting a new business or doing away with home problems related to welding could make you overwhelmed. Therefore, you should consider essential features before you decide on the welder to purchase. The wide range of model varieties available may be a headache when selecting the most suitable TID welder. Thus, we have composed essential features that you must consider when picking the machines.

  • Pulsed Welding

TIG soldering is much about controlling the heat applied to the welded metals. The modern TIG inverter creates significant pulse numbers per second, providing more than 5,000 pulses in each second. This figure is a significant increase from the previous 20 pulses in a second. TIG pulsing has become very useful in difficult joint work or thin metal joining. Besides, when you fear that if too much heat is used will cause rust, TIG welding works well too.

The higher the pulsing rates, the stronger the weld can be. This is possible through controlling weld puddles. Higher degrees of pulsing focus and constrict the arcs, limiting amounts of heat that is applied to the weld. Welders travel faster in metals and have fewer materials to be removed, leading to cleaner welds. Therefore, choose TIG weld with high pulses.

  • Portability

Smaller TIG welding devices weigh 40-50 pounds. Such weight is easy to carry and move around with. Nevertheless, the larger welds weigh up to 100 pounds or more. Moving such units around may require carts or trucks. The smaller Portable TIG welders also offer versatility as well as sufficient power for small jobs, which don’t need longer duty cycles. Portability turns out to be a significant factor that welders consider before picking the machines. However, in cases of companies, the large welders may be the ideal ones to buy.

  • Foot Pedal

Reliable foot pedals are critically vital for TIG weld devices. TIG processes require two hands. One arm is used in holding the torch while the other holds filler rods. Pedals are useful in managing amounts of heat applied. The control is necessary to ensure that weld puddles don’t get to be too large.

The best peddles don’t slope at very high angles, which could cause foot fatigue. Furthermore, foot pedals must be responsive since heat input gets adjusted by the foot. However, some welders pick the best machines and add top-line foot pedals to the welding machine.

  • High-Frequency Settings

The TIG welders that operate at higher settings make controlling of the arc easier, which is crucial for TIG devices.

  • Simple Controls

In case you want a weld that will be carried often, you must consider damage cases. Inspect controls of a welder to ensure that the machine snaps securely into right position.

Most people find this as a minor feature. However, the small details may have an impact on your investment. In case of damages, the loss may be significant and interrupt your work.

  • Plasma Cutters and Stick Welding Selections

If you are after important features or greater versatility, consider choosing TIG welders with stick welding option and plasma cutting. You can save time used to cut metals. Besides, sticks ensure that all welding operations are possible.

  • Air-Cooled Torches

You may get by with air-cooled torches, but sometimes you could wish to have water-cooled ones. At higher power outputs, the torches get warmer. Nonetheless, welders should be okay with that. Water-cooled torches have smaller heads and may work well in a tight spot.

  • High-Quality Arcs

The cheaper TIG welder models have better arc stability. Unsteady arcs cause hitches with the appearance of welded surfaces. As a result, this could lead to significant problems since TIG welders are mostly picked when conducting high-quality welding.

Bottom Line

In the market, you will find very many TIG welding machines. However, drastic differences exist between the various models. After reading the reviews above, you should have an idea about which welders suits your needs. But to ensure the information remains fresh, you should go through this summary. The PRIMEWELD TIG/Stick welder was the favorite overall. The model includes TIG torches and foot pedals. It also has HF ignitions. Besides, the model has AC and DC capability and provides duty cycles ranging from 40%-100%.

In terms of value, it’s not easy to outdo the affordability as well as performance of SUNGOLDPOWER ARC200 model. The welds are dual voltage machines and their adapters are included. Moreover, SUNGOLDPOWER ARC200 has TIG ignition to get the arc started with ease, and has 60% duty cycles.

Thus, you shouldn’t worry about shutting it down. Lastly, the Everlast PowerTIG 200DV is the premium choice. You may select between HF or Lift TIG ignitions, where AC and DC welding is supported. The foot pedals are also included, and the model has a 60%-100% impressive duty cycle. Nonetheless, in companies and industries involving heavy welding production activities, the Weldpro 200 Amp would be ideal. The model is designed to offer three types of welding. TIG, MIG. Moreover, stick welding options make the model a multi-purpose one.

However, depending on your preference, you can choose from the other available models. Portability, weight, and size could be major factors in determining what suits your welding needs. Warranties, cost, and other sales terms could also impact on the choice you make. For instance, with little cash, you may opt for the most affordable best tig welder.

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