5 Best Plasma Cutters 2022 – Top Picks

In this exciting article, we’re going to power through five of the most advanced cutting tools available on the market. This list of plasma cutters is guaranteed to help you find a new way to work on projects. Since we’ve been working in the HVAC industry for over a decade, we’ve tried all sorts of methods for cutting sheet metal. We’ve suffered, while working with sharp scissors and other handheld tools that require a lot of muscle to operate.

We’re delighted to present the most advanced way that you can cut through metal. We’ll thrill you with detailed explanations that cover what makes each plasma cutter on this list unique within the industry.  Afterwards, we’ll take a moment to help you decide. The buyer’s guide at the end of this article is guaranteed to help you make a thoughtful purchase.

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Top 5 Best Plasma Cutter For Money

In no particular order, the top-notch cutters we’ve chosen for this review are as follows:

1.Cut-50 (50 Amp) Professional Plasma Cutter

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This is a fantastic product for any hobbyist wanting to get to work with a plasma cutter in their shop. While it is suitable for some basic industrial use, the Cut-50 will only give you a rough cut at approximately 1 inch thickness.

It’s easy to use this cutter, but you’ll need to make sure you plug it into the proper outlet with the correct adapter. The price of the Cut-50 is affordable for new businesses and beginner hobbyists. Since many of the top-notch plasma cutters are pricey, it’s refreshing to see a quality product that won’t force you to take out a second mortgage.

The Cut-50 doesn’t have a problem burning through thick metal, including copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and other types. This machine has an automatic air control valve located inside of it that keeps it cutting smoothly. While you might need to figure out which power supply you have at your shop, you don’t have to worry about being able to use this cutter.  Cut-50 is designed to work with 110V or 240V outlets. It comes with power adapters to fit to whichever outlet you have available in your shop.

While this plasma cutter might not hold up to heavy use, it’s perfect for people that are cutting metal for hobbies. Strange reports from consumers claim that they received faulty products, but the manufacturer quickly responded by sending out working plasma cutters. Small businesses that need to occasionally cut metal could benefit from this product.


  • Great Price for This ProductCuts Through Thick Metals


  • Delivery Issues
  • The Verdict

2. Forney Easy Weld 120 Volt Plasma Cutter

affordable cnc plasma cutter

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When you’re working on a project that requires cutting through metal, Forney Easy Weld is a remarkable product to purchase. It’s easy to set up this plasma cutter, and you won’t have to find a special outlet to give it power. You won’t ever have to fiddle around with complicated adapters to connect this machine to electricity. This cutter is fit to run off of a standard outlet (120V), so you can plug into virtually any jobsite. This machine might be better suited for hobbyists because it can only cut through thinner metals, such as 1/4 inch steel.

One of the main reasons that Forney stands out in this industry is because of its ease of use. Normally, you need to connect to a clean metal surface in order to use a machine, but Forney’s drag touch pilot arc technology lets you cut through thick metal without resistance. Forney offers a quick starting guide and other helpful resources on their website.

This product comes with two different warranties from the manufacturers. There’s a 30 day warranty offered to cover malfunctions that might occur during normal use.  Forney also offers a one year warranty for all of the internal mechanisms that keep this plasma cutter running smoothly. You don’t have to worry about finding a special power source for the Forney cutter. Although the Forney is easier to use than most of the other products on this list, it might only be suitable for hobbyists.  Using this machine for industrial projects is going to be difficult because it’s only rated to cut through thin metal.


  • Two WarrantiesEasy to Power


  • Doesn’t Cut Thick Metal

3. Lotos LTP5000D 50 Amp Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

lotos plasma cutter

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No other machine on this list has received such high praise from reviewers around the web. The Lotos LTP5000D is designed with ease in mind.  You’ll be cutting like a pro without any hassles of setting up a bulky machine. This machine cuts through thick metal with ease, and it comes with a one year warranty.

The plasma cutter from Lotos has a cooling system to keep its internal mechanisms running smoothly. The system is made in Germany, and it runs on an automatic setting. However, you are going to need to make sure that you’re buying quality consumables, such as replacement nozzles that will keep your cutter working properly.

This plasma cutter is designed to burn through the toughest metals that some of the other products on this list won’t cut.The pilot arc of this cutter is specially designed to make it easier to use. You won’t have to drag the tip around on the metal in order to make a cut. The non-touch tip gives you a cleaner cut. This machine should last a long time.

For such an affordable price, it’s surprising to see that this plasma cutter slices through seriously thick metals of 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch steel. Many of the best plasma cutters require a special power source. However, manufacturers usually include an adapter to help you find power for their machines. Unfortunately, this cutter doesn’t come with the adapter, so you will have to buy it from the manufacturer as a separate purchase. If you have extra money in your budget, Lotos’ plasma cutter won’t let you down. It comes with a solid warranty, and the user manual can be found online.


  • Above Average Cutting TechnologyGreat Internal Cooling Mechanism


  • Power Adapter Not Included

4. Miller Electric 907529 (30 Amp) Plasma Cutter

miller plasma cutter

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Miller Electric is a trustworthy brand that has been operating since 1929. With almost 100 years in the business, Miller learned how to create stunning welding products. If you have a large budget for your project, this company won’t let you down. This plasma cutter is easy to use, it has a long cable for the torch, and it plugs into either 120V or 240V outlets. If you like having the option to move about your work space with ease, this device from Miller Electric is perfect for you.

The handheld torch comes with a super long extension cord that runs 12 feet. The power cord for this plasma cutter is 10 feet long, giving you a lot of room to work around your next project. Miller Electric’s cutter operates with a pilot arc technology that allows for ease of use. You won’t need to make a complete circuit by contacting clean metal in order to operate this machine. You’ll be able to cut through 3/8 inch thick steel. Miller Electric is an American company that is headquartered in Wisconsin. When you buy a Miller Electric product, you are paying for the reputation that this company has in the welding industry.

Although, some critics of this cutter have reported that it overheats easily. If you love this brand, you might be able to make an exception. However, we expect more for such a high price.Even though Miller Electric is a well-known brand, this plasma cutter isn’t the quickest product on our list. However, it has a good warranty.


  • Long CordsGreat Brand


  • Slow Cutting

5. Hypertherm Power30 Max (Building America Edition) Best Value

hypertherm plasma cutter

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This might seem like an expensive item for cutting through thick metal, but Hypertherm’s plasma cutter is reliable enough for serious industrial cutting jobs. You might need to use an adapter to power it, but those are included with your purchase.

It’s a high-priced item, but the versatility of this cutter is unmatched by any other product on this list. You get what you pay for when you invest in Hypertherm.

There are two warranties that come with your purchase of the Power30 Max.

You’ll get a one year warranty for the torch that comes with this product. Additionally, the company has extended the warranty for the power supply, covering it for up to three years from the date of purchase. Hypertherm’s Power30 Max is designed to assist in the four main cutting applications that industrial jobs demand. With this device, you’ll be able to gouge at an extendable reach, cut through to a great distance, finely cut metals, and drag to cut through thick metal surfaces.

Although Hypertherm’s Power30 Max is one of the most expensive products on this list, it is an impressive plasma cutter that’s designed to quickly cut through thick metals. You won’t need to worry about where to plug this machine in around your shop. It has an automatic voltage selector that works with 110V or 240V power sources.  This isn’t designed to score metal. For that purpose, Hypertherm recommends the Powermax45 XP.  Power30 Max cuts through metals quicker than most of the plasma cutters on this list, and it comes with two great warranties.


  • Includes Voltage AdaptersGreat Warranty From Manufacturer


  • Not Good for Marking

Tips for Purchasing a Best Cheap Plasma Cutter

This should be an easy question for most consumers. However, some people might feel that they fall into a grey area. If you aren’t already sure, you should decide which group best describes you. Are you a hobbyist, or are you a professional? Most passionate hobbyists will be satisfied with some of the more affordable products on this list.

If you’ve taken classes through a reputable welding school, you are likely a professional. Even if you consider doing artistic projects with the plasma cutter, you will likely need a high-grade product in order to have an easy time with the project. If you run a business that requires cutting through thick metals on a regular basis, you shouldn’t invest money into a product that is designed for hobbyists.  An industrial worker with cheap tools will be thoroughly disappointed. Buy a plasma cutter that is recommended for industrial use.

Warranty and Customer Service of Portable Plasama Cutters

While the product should work fine when it arrives, you never know what could break down in the future. It’s important that you consider the type of warranty that comes with the product that you are purchasing. This should be one of the main determining factors of the sale.

Each of the cutters on this list have some kind of warranty. However, some of these cutters have better warranties than others. A few of these cutter manufacturers have more than one warranty to cover different aspects of their product.

In case you need to discuss malfunctions of your new plasma cutter, you need to be sure that there’s a customer care person standing by to help you. While most of these machines have an instruction manual that comes in the box, some of us like to have the option of looking at the manual from a remote location. If you think you’ll need a manual, check to see if there’s one available on the internet.

What Considerations Should You Make?

The type of plasma cutter that will meet your needs depends upon which type of jobs you’re planning. If you’re a hobbyist, you don’t need to worry as much about the exact specifications of your machine. Any business that requires a plasma cutter will need to consider the value of the product they’re purchasing. Take a look at how each cutter performs, and identify how quickly it will cut through thick metals.

  • Specifications: You need to decide which plasma cutter will fulfill the needs of your projects. You’re making an investment in a machine that could make your life easier.However, you need to take time to consider the thickness of the metals that you want to cut. If you purchase a cheap plasma cutter, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.
  • Unique Features: Consider which features are most important for your situation. If you have a cramped work space, you might want a plasma cutter that has a long cord for its torch in order to make it easier to maneuver around your shop.If you want to take your plasma cutter out to do work at remote locations, you might be worried about buying a cutter that doesn’t come with power adapters.
  • High-Grade Materials: If you are investing a lot of money into a plasma cutter, you want to know that it will last. Make sure to read about the state-of-the-art materials that are put into designing each cutter.For example, it’s crucial that your cutter has a reliable cooling mechanism to continue running smoothly.

Get Ready to Make a Decision For Plasma cutter under 500

It’s time to decide which plasma cutter is the best product. We’ve presented you with several thrilling options to choose from, but you’ll need to decide which of these plasma cutters matches your specific needs. If you need to cut metal in order to fulfill orders for business purposes, you should consider purchasing one of the high-end models on this list. For this situation, we would recommend the Hyper therm cutter.

If your cutting needs aren’t related to business endeavors, you might not be using this tool too often. In this case, you could get away with purchasing an affordable model that’s built for consumers. Give Cut-50 a try. No matter which purpose you are fulfilling with a best plasma cutter purchase, you’ve made a wise decision by conducting adequate research. It’s vital to weigh all of your options in order to make a wise investment.

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