Best Wet/Dry Vac Review 2022 – (Top Picks)

Now, we all know the stress and frustrations that cleaning after messes can cause, especially in a working environment such as a garage or workshop. Having the right piece of equipment not only helps you to clear the dirt but also enables you to save on time through efficiency. Well, they say that cleaning is just putting stuff in less obvious places, and a wet dry vac best describes this scenario.

Therefore, what are some of the features that make up an excellent and efficient wet dry vac? We present you with the top five best products that you can find in this market. Moreover, we included a buyer’s guide that will assist you in understanding the characteristics to look for before purchasing an item. With these products, you do not have to wait for an unexpected guest to inspire cleanliness. Thus, our reviews will allow you to recognize the qualities that you need to ensure you ultimately obtain a premium item that matches your needs.

Top 5 Best Wet/dry Vac Comparison Chart

The 5 Best Wet Dry Vacs Reviews

1. Shop-Vac 5989300 – Top Pick

best wet dry vacs

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The Shop-Vac 5989300 measures 14″ × 14″ × 21″ and provides you with a compact item that does not take up a lot of space for storage. It also weighs 15 pounds, which makes lightweight and easy for you to carry it around whenever necessary. Besides this, it also comes with a 5-gallon tank that provides you with a large capacity that reduces the need to empty the product frequently. The appliance features construction using stainless steel, which enables you to obtain a sturdy item that will comfortably serve you for a long time. This durability also allows you to save on additional expenses that you would otherwise spend on buying replacements regularly. As well, it comes with a handle incorporating an ergonomic design that helps you to handle the product more comfortably.

Additionally, the manufacturers included wheels in its construction that allow you to move it with ease as you clean your room, garage, or workshop. The flexibility of these features also enables you to roll the product 360 degrees, which helps to make your movement easier as you clean up and down the area. Further, it also provides you with a 6-ft cord whose available length assists you in cleaning large rooms comfortably.

Apart from this, it has a powerful horsepower motor with a peak of 4.5. This quality ensures you have the excellent suction power of up to 175 CFM to get rid of wet and dry messes in your surroundings in a matter of minutes. The package of this product includes a crevice tool, gulper nozzle, foam sleeve, floor nozzle, filter bag, three extension wands, and a 7-ft hose, ensuring that you have all the tools for efficient and comfortable cleaning experience.


  • Horsepower motor peak of 4.5
  • Sturdy and durable material
  • Easy to operate


  • The lid could have a tighter seal

2. Vacmaster VBV1210 Wet Dry Vac – The runner-up

vacmaster-vbv1210 wet dry vac

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With the Vacmaster VBV1210, you can be sure to get a high-quality and sturdy product that you can use for a long time without the inconvenience of having to buy other products regularly. The durable polypropylene used to make it also ensures that you can easily clean and maintain the item. The toxic-free material also offers you a safe piece to use and store in your house.

As well, it also provides you with a lightweight appliance that weighs 24.9 pounds, which enables you to transport it with ease whenever you need it. Its dimensions measure 18.4″ × 20.5″ × 24.5″ and give you a compact product that can comfortably store in minimal space. This item also features a large tank with a capacity of 12 gallons, which helps you to accomplish various tasks efficiently without wasting valuable time on continually emptying the product. You can also get your value for money with this package that includes various accessories, including a blower adapter, a wet foam filter, standard cartridge filter, concentration nozzle, crevice nozzle, car nozzle, utility nozzle, and extension wands. These tools enable you to save on costs while allowing you to make adjustments according to your needs, which helps you to access and clean all the targeted areas, including the hard-to-reach places.

Furthermore, you also can comfortably convert this product into a 210 MPH blower using a one-hand release operation, offering you high performance with multi-use capabilities. The sturdy casters and top handle with a balanced design ensure you have a stable and secure item during and after use. It also comes with an integrated storage space in which you can efficiently organize and keep your accessories within reach.


  • 12-gallon tank capacity
  • Comfortable to use and store
  • Blowing speed of 210 MPH


  • The hose may get clogs

3. Vacmaster VQ607SFD Wet/Dry Vac – Best for the Money

Vacmaster-vq607 wet dry vac

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The Vacmaster VQ607SFD comes in a package that includes a cartridge filter, 2-in-1 utility nozzle, deluxe floor nozzle, dust bag, round dust brush, reusable foam sleeve, crevice tool, air control, and two extension wands, among others. It also incorporates accessory storage in its construction that enables you to organize and store your tools conveniently in a place that is easy to reach. Some of these versatile tools, such as the crevice tool, will allow you to make proper modifications that assist you in accessing the hard-to-reach areas as you clean.

It also offers you a quiet suction with its efficient motor with a peak HP of 3, which helps you to get rid of dust, dirt, or spills in a quick time. The 6-gallon tank ensures that you have an easy time cleaning since you do not have to spend as much time emptying the product. Besides, you can comfortably operate it using the large on and off switch that also features a seal that protects it from dust. The stainless steel used to design this item ensures you have an easy time cleaning and maintaining it. The material also offers you a sturdy product with durable properties, allowing you to use it for a long time without worrying about continually needing to get replacements. Apart from this, it features a top handle design for added convenience when transporting it during and after use.

You can efficiently store this product whose measurements of 14.8″ × 13.2″ × 20.5″ offer you a compact size that can fit in small spaces. Its weight of 16.2 pounds enables you to own a lightweight appliance that you can easily carry from place to place according to your needs. The 12-ft power cord comes with a cord wrap featuring Velcro and allows you to cover large areas with ease by not restricting your movements.


  • Built-in accessory storage
  • Versatile accessories
  • Stainless steel tank


  • It may be inefficient to use in flooded areas

4. Craftsman 12004 Shop-Vac

craftman shop vac

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The CRAFTSMAN presents you with a lightweight product weighing 15.5 pounds, which enables you to handle it with ease whenever you utilize it. Its dimensions of 16″ × 16″ × 21.1″ provide you with a compact item that you can conveniently store without requiring too much space. It also comes with built-in organizers and storage that enable you to reduce clutter by holding the tools, cords, and hose in place.

Moreover, getting this product gives you everything you need and helps to save on additional costs because the package includes a car nozzle, wet nozzle, utility nozzle, a lock hose, dust bag, and lock filter. These versatile accessories enable you to adjust your appliance according to your requirements and allow you to access hard-to-reach places. The Qwik lock filter system incorporated in this product is simple to use and helps you to replace the filter quickly whenever necessary. With a 4.25 peak HP, it provides you with suction power to help you get rid of dry and wet messes in your home or workshop. Its large tank has a 9-gallon capacity, which enables you to save on time cleaning by reducing the need to empty the item all the time. You also can quickly move around the area of interest as you clean because the 10-ft power cord offers you a convenient length.

Further, it incorporates durable casters in its design that allow you to maneuver the appliance with ease whenever in use. The carry handle also features an ergonomic design that helps you to have a secure and comfortable grip as you handle the item. Even though the construction and features make it easy to operate, some users may find it challenging to assemble the parts.


  • 9-gallon capacity
  • Durable casters
  • Oversize built-in drain


  • It may be challenging to assemble

5. Wagan 750 Wet-Dry Vacuum

wagan wet dry vaccum

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This item from Wagan features a premium and sturdy construction that ensures you have a long-lasting product that will comfortably serve you for years. This material is also easy to clean, which helps you to save on costs and energy when maintaining it. As well, its design also includes a bag-less reservoir that allows you to empty the debris quickly and conveniently after use, without needing to spend on replacements.

The package of this item features several accessories that you can use for multiple purposes, including cleaning your room, garage, workshop, and vehicle. The versatile tools include a detachable bristle brush and three nozzle attachments whose ergonomic designs enable you to access crevices and other hard-to-reach areas. Besides, it comes with a washable 1-gallon reservoir that adds to your convenience in terms of utility and maintenance. Moreover, you need not worry about lack of storage space at home or in the car because it has dimensions measuring 10″ × 8.5″ × 8.5″, which provides you with a compact appliance. It also gives you an ultra-lightweight product that you can comfortably carry and move around as you clean or store it. Further, the 40-inch hose is flexible and enables you to maneuver the item with ease.

You can connect its 9-ft power cord to a 12V socket and utilize the 93W motor with a powerful 12.5 Amp to create sufficient suction power that efficiently cleans up wet and dry messes. Although it is cheaper in comparison to other products, this item’s suction power is less powerful and not ideal for when you want to clean your area thoroughly. As well, the small size of the appliance leads you to spend a lot more time dumping out the item in comparison to the other compact size products.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Bag-less reservoir
  • Three nozzle attachments


  • Poor suction power

How To Choose Best Wet Dry Vac

Looking at our reviews presented above, you can understand the different features that each product offers. The competition and availability of a variety of wet dry vacs may make it challenging when it comes time to choose an item to purchase. Here, we prepared a few factors to weigh before buying any product, which ensures you will get an appliance that satisfies your needs while fitting your budget.

These qualities not only apply to the products we reviewed but also to other similar items in the market. As a result, our buyer’s guide will eventually help you to maneuver this market smartly and swiftly.

  • Suction Power

The primary purpose of these products is to help you to clean up after wet and dry messes with ease. Some items come with more powerful horsepower than others, which gives them more suction power in comparison to their counterparts. You want to look at the suction power to ensure that you get a quality product that will efficiently serve its purpose.

It is essential to note that some wet dry vacs are cheaper than others are because they provide you with little suction power. Hence, be sure to get your value for money with a premium quality item, even if it means spending a little extra.

  • Material

Depending on your style, you may need to use the items daily or on every other day to clean up after your working station. The manufacturers of these products incorporate durable and sturdy material in their construction that enables you to utilize the appliance for a long time. This quality helps you to save on additional costs that you would otherwise need to spend on regularly buying replacements.

Make sure to obtain an item with excellent construction, such as stainless steel, which will serve you for a long time. The right material also allows you to clean and maintain the product with ease.

  • Size and dimensions

Even though some products are more prominent than others are, they all generally come in a compact size. This feature enables you to manage your space efficiently because the dimensions allow you to store the item conveniently. You need not worry if your garage or workshop is small since these products do not take up too much space, helping you to store them comfortably.

Before buying any product, ensure to know the space available for storage in your house and get a wet dry vac that you can comfortably accommodate. It will make utility and maintenance much more convenient.

  • Portability

Besides the size of the items, you want to make sure that the appliance is highly portable. Most of these products come with wheels incorporated in their construction that enable you to move the device with ease. They also feature handles with ergonomic designs that help you to handle the product comfortably as you clean or transport it for storage.

Additionally, they are lightweight and allow you to carry them with ease whenever necessary. You do not want to buy a product that is too heavy to handle because the purpose of this equipment is to make your life easier.

  • Tank capacity

The bigger the tank capacity, the less time you spend having to empty the product after use. You want to get an item with a decently sized tank to help you work more comfortably and efficiently. Large capacity means that you can finish cleaning quickly and return to work while reducing the need to empty the tank frequently.

You want to buy a product that will help you to minimize the time spent cleaning, which allows you to stick your schedule that does not compromise your productivity.


The reviews we provided above give you an insight into the features, pros, and cons associated with each of the top five wet dry vacs. The Shop-Vac 5989300 features a stainless steel construction that provides you with a sturdy and durable product. It comes with versatile accessories such as nozzles and a crevice tool that enable you to access the hard-to-reach areas. Next, the Vacmaster VBV1210 can easily convert into a 210 MPH blower that helps to accomplish tasks with its high performance. Following this is the Vacmaster VQ607SFD made from stainless steel and comes with a 12-ft cord. It also includes a 6-gallon tank that makes it convenient to use since you do not have to empty it continually.

The CRAFTSMAN CMXEVBE17590 incorporates an oversize drain that allows you to empty the liquids quickly. It also features a carry handle, durable casters, and a Quick lock filter that is simple, which makes it convenient to operate and transport the product whenever you need it. Finally, the Wagan 750 provides you with a compact and lightweight item that uses a bag-less reservoir, making it comfortable to maintain it. As a result, our reviews aim to enable you to identify the characteristics that will allow you to purchase a perfect product for your needs. As well as the buying guide, you can use this information to make appropriate decisions. We hope the knowledge gained here will help you to make wise moves in the market and buy a satisfactory product that fits your budget and requirements.


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