Best Cordless Drill 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

Cordless power drills are such helpful tools to have both around the house and at the job site. Whether you’re building a deck, installing a new light fixture, or assembling furniture, the right power drill makes the job easier. With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming and difficult to decide which one to purchase. Cordless drills are an investment, so you want to be sure you choose the right one.

Many factors go in to selecting a power drill. How long does the battery last? How easy does it handle? Is it light enough to carry? Will it be powerful enough for the project at hand? These questions can be difficult to answer without handling the tool in your own hands. This guide was made to answer all these questions for you before you bring your drill home. The guide includes detailed reviews of 5 top rated cordless drills and some tips for deciding which is just right for you. Everyone is using their drill for different projects at different frequencies so no one tool is perfect for all. Use these reviews and tips to make a well-informed purchase!

Best Cordless Drill Comparison Chart

Top 5 Best Rated Cordless Drills – Reviews

1. DeWalt DCD771C2 20V Cordless Drill Driver Kit – Best Overall

Best Cordless Drill

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The DeWalt 20V MAX Cordless Drill/ Driver Kit includes everything you need to get started on your next project. The kit comes in a convenient carrying case which includes the compact drill, a charging station, and 2 lithium ion batteries. The DeWalt 20V MAX has a variable speed trigger making it highly versatile to any project you may be working on. DeWalt’s high speed transmission offers 0-1500 rpm with a powerful 300-watt motor.

The compact DeWalt is lightweight and made with an ergonomic grip handle. This makes it comfortable and easy to handle, even for longer projects. The built-in LED light makes it easy to see when working in darker spaces. A convenient LED light and compact design also make this an ideal choice for work in tight spaces such as under a deck or inside cabinets. When working on longer projects, some users have noted that the battery power does not last long enough. If you choose the DeWalt, be sure the back-up battery stays charged so it’s ready when you need to trade. If you’re working on small, quick projects, the battery life should not be a problem.

Overall, the DeWalt is one of the nicer, most well reviewed options out there. The extra features and durability put this drill at a higher price compared to others. If you anticipate lots of use and many projects, the DeWalt is worth the extra cost. If you are looking for a budget friendly choice for occasional use, other drills on this list may be a better choice.


  • Variable Speed Trigger
  • Carrying case
  • Extra battery
  • Durability
  • LED Light


  • Shorter battery life
  • Price

2. Bosch 18V Battery Drill Set

Drill Brand

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The Bosch Power Tools Drill Driver Kit is one of the most lightweight options available. As with the DeWalt, the Bosch Drill Driver comes in a convenient carrying case with a charger and two batteries. At only 3 pounds, the Bosch is easy to use for long periods of time. Work longer and get less fatigued or sore with this option. The light-weight design also makes it ideal for overhead projects.

The Bosch kit includes two 18 Volt lithium ion batteries. These batteries are standard across the Bosch cordless products meaning they are interchangeable with other Bosch tools. If you have other Bosch cordless tools, this is a great addition to your collection.Another extra feature with Bosch is a helpful LED light. This light combined with the light-weight makes this a great choice for work in tight spaces.

Choose between two speeds with the Bosch variable speed transmission. Use the 400 RPM option for heavy-duty projects and the 1300 RPM for high speed projects. Both speeds are easy to handle and efficient. Only two speed settings makes this less variable than other drills on this list. Some Bosch users have noted difficulties when loosening the chuck. This can be problematic and time-consuming when changing bits mid-project.

This option is also in the higher price range. Though the Bosch does come in at a slightly lower price than the DeWalt, it is not ideal for the budget shopper. Bosch is confident in the performance of its product and includes a 1-year warranty with purchase.


  • Lightweight
  • Versatile Batteries
  • L​ED light


  • Price
  • Difficult Chuck

3. BLACK+DECKER LDX120C Cordless Drill – Best Value

Corded Drill

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T​he most affordable, budget-friendly option is the Black and Decker 20V MAX Cordless Drill/ Driver. This drill offers many features of the higher end products at a lower price. Included with the 20V MAX Cordless Drill/ Driver is one lithium ion battery and charger. This battery works with Black and Decker’s whole family of cordless tools such as their vacuums and saws. The average battery life is about 1 hour making this drill ideal for shorter projects.

T​he Black and Decker is lightweight and easy to handle at just over 3 pounds. The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use. The included LED light is great for work in darker spaces. T​he clutch includes 11 position settings to prevent stripping screws. Some Black and Decker users are reported issues with the clutch over time. Wear and tear may be likely if it is used often for large projects. Choose the Black and Decker if you plan to use it for quick and simple at home projects. If you are working on more challenging projects, this drill may not be sturdy or powerful enough.


  • Budget friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use


  • Lack of durability
  • Low battery life

4. Makita XFD131 18V Battery Cordless Drill-Driver Set

Makita Battery Cordless drill

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T​he Makita Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Driver-Drill Kit is a moderate option both in price and performance. The kit includes a carrying case, one 18V battery, and a charging station. T​his drill is equipped with a versitile 2-speed transmission. The two speed options are 500 RPM and 1900 RPM. The 1900 RPM setting is one of the highest of the drills on this list.

T​he highest setting, at 1900 RPM delivers 440 in-lbs. of torque. This makes it able to handle even the toughest of jobs. Although with only two transmission settings, it is not as versatile as other options. T​he Makita has a BL Brushless motor which means it has eliminated carbon brushes to help the battery run more efficiently. This also helps keep the motor cooler.

Though the kit only includes one battery, the battery is reported to have a longer life than many of its competitors and a longer run time between charges. A​t 7.2 pounds, the Makita is heavier than the other options. Though it has an ergonomic handle, the Makita can be harder to grip over time and is especially challenging for overhead projects. Additionally, the drill is built with Extreme Protection Technology to protect from water droplets, dust and debris. This keeps the motor and other internals safe on the job site. T​he Makita offers a competitive performance at a moderate price point. The purchase includes a 3-year limited warranty. The Makita is an excellent choice for at home use and more challenging projects.


  • 1900 RPM transmission
  • BL Brushless Motor
  • Battery Life
  • Carrying case


  • 7.2 pounds
  • Less versatility

5. WORX WX176L 20V 2-in-1 Cordless Drill & Driver

WORX WX176L Cordless Drill

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The Worx 20V Switchdriver offers unique features not found in the competition. The Worx kit includes a charger and two 20V MaxLithium batteries.The most unique feature is the rotating dual chucks. This is referenced in the “switchdriver” name and means you can have two bits loaded at a time. This makes for easy switching back and forth during a project.

This dual chuck system makes the drill/driver bulkier than the competition. This added bulk could be work it if you anticipate needing to quickly switch bits. If you are planning simple, home projects, this feature may be unnecessary. The powerful 20V battery works on a variety of other Worx cordless tools. The transmission offers two speed settings.

Some users have reported difficulties with the torque control system. The system has a variable 12-settings though users report being unable to feel much difference between settings.Overall, the main selling point of the Worx is the rotating chuck. If this feature is not necessary for you, another drill is probably a better choice.


  • Dual Chuck System
  • Versatility
  • Moderate Price


  • Bulky
  • Torque control issues

How To Select A Best Cordless Drill

Throughout those five reviews, there have been a variety of specs and features mentioned. Understanding these features, what they mean and why they are important is the first step to choosing a drill. First, let’s examine each of these terms.

  • W​eight

Power drills range in weight from around 3 pounds to up to 10 pounds. This is an important factor to consider as you will likely be holding the drill in one hand most of the time you are using it. Be sure to take note of weight of the drill with the battery attached. Lighter drills, such as those closer to 3 pounds, can be easier to handle and carry for longer periods of time. If you choose a drill that’s too heavy, your project will take that much longer to complete.

However, heavier drills are often sturdier and hold up better to frequent use and harder projects. If you anticipate working on rigorous projects, it may be best to choose a heavier tool if you have the strength and stamina to handle it.

  • Power

It’s right there in the name. The amount of power is key to the effectiveness of a power drill. With regard to power, you’ll want to consider both the power of the battery and the power of the motor. You’ll notice that each of these drills use lithium ion batteries as these batteries are designed to be recharged over and over again. However, some batteries stay charged longer and have a longer overall lifespan. Extra batteries can help you work for longer periods of time and also help your batteries have a longer life. T​he power of the motor is best noted as the speed of the transmission.

  • S​peed

T​he speed of the transmission is key to determining what kind of projects the drill will be able to handle. Some drills offer variable transmissions while others offer one, fixed speed. If you plan to use your drill for a wide variety of project, the more variable the better. Lower speeds are better for driving screws while higher speeds are better for drilling holes.

Drills with a variable speed trigger are the most versatile. This gives the ability to adjust the speed as you go based on the pressure you apply to the trigger. I​f you plan to use your drill for simple, home projects, a drill with two speed setting should get the job done just fine. Fewer speed settings also make it less complex to operate.

Special Features

Some of the power drills reviewed above have extra features that are not essential to the operation or performance of the drill. The addition of an LED light can make the drill easier to use in darker spaces or areas with lots of shadow. If you anticipate always using your drill in full light, this is a feature you can go without.

Carrying cases are also an added bonus when purchasing some power drills. It can be convenient to have a designated place to store your drill and a way to carry it from place to place. If you have another storage or transport system, a case may not be crucial. Each drill includes a certain amount of bits or extra attachments. If you are looking for an all-in-one purchase, be sure the kit includes everything you need.

What tools do you already have?

Each of these brands that manufacture power drills also manufacture other power tools. Which brands are you already using and enjoying? Most of these power drills mentioned use batteries that work for other tools in that brand family. If you already have another tool with a compatible battery system, this may be a factor to consider.

Y​our tools’ ability to share batteries can make multi-tool projects more convenient and often means extra batteries to help your tools preform longer for big projects.

H​ow long is the warranty?

I​f you are concerned about the ability of your power drill to hold up over time, notice the warranty included with each option. Longer warranties often mean the company trusts their drill to hold up over time. Make note of the terms of the warranty to see what kind of care they will provide if something goes wrong or does not perform as expected. A better warranty likely means higher satisfaction.

Which cordless power drill is best for you?

Choosing the right cordless power drill can be a tricky process with so many options out there. Hopefully these reviews and tips have helped you narrow down which brand is best for you and your planned projects. T​here is no one-size-fits-all option out there. However, if you can afford the price, the DeWalt 20V MAX Cordless Driver/Drill Kit is the best all around cordless drill with the highest reviews. The DeWalt stands out in both performance and durability.

I​f you’re looking for a budget friendly buy, you might strongly consider the Black and Decker cordless drill. This option is ideal for the occasional project at home. Bosch or Makity may be the best option if you’re looking for a mid-range product. Whichever best cordless drill you choose, you will be on your way towards your next completed project in no time!

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